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Chinese National Offshore Oil Company HQ

ShenZhen, China - 200,000sq.m. HEadquarters - 200/175m Tall

Breaking the box for the sake of a better environment

When the lines that separate a place of work from an urban public green space disappear the result is a building that works for the city and the people. The scale and importance of the work carried out by CNOOC needs a comparable environment to work in and the only solution is to think outside the box -- and break the box.


The facades veer away from the floor plates and twist gently to create internal green zones and maximize views of the city and ocean. The hot and humid weather of Shenzhen enables the podium of these towers to be open, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor. Taking full advantage of this, the facade meets the ground like a gently billowing skirt that can be used as terraced seating.

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