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QingDao, China - 90,000sq.m. Commercial Offices - 158m Tall

A new twist on sustainable Los Angeles living

The multi-plex has replaced the single family dwelling as the sustainable way forward. The scale of EchopPlex requires its form and function to respond to a larger context than its immediate site. The community is vibrant and rich in public circulation and activities.


EchopPlex is sustainable economically as well as environmentally with its limited palate of materials and effectively placed openings, allowing for the passive solar heating and cooling of its interiors and thermal masses. All residential units sit atop the half-exposed/half-subterranean commercial program that divides the site into public and private zones. Each unit gets an equal amount of exposure to sunlight and the lake view as they jog away from the street creating covered parking, individual front yards, and insulation from unwanted street noise.

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