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COST: £425

(Book in combination with another Training Course and save 10%!)

(10% off for students)


  • Click on the button above.

  • It will prompt you to send us an email requesting a booking.

  • We will follow up with a reply email including payment details.



  • If you change your mind or you will be unable to attend the course you booked, we will issue you a full refund if you ask us for one at least 14 days before the date of the course.

  • If you do not place your refund request by this time, we will issue you a credit for the same or equivalent course at a later date.



  • Your contact information will only be used for communications from Bryan Oknyansky/FabLab London and no-one else.

  • Any personal information about you will be kept safe and secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act.



  • One booking fee entitles you to bring one computer with you for use during the course.

  • If you will bring a translator with you, the translator is not entitled to paticipate in this course except for asking questions and commenting on your behalf. If the translator will require a computer for use during the course, an additional booking fee will need to be paid.

  • Recording the course is limited to taking handwritten or typed notes. Audio, photo or video recording of any duration during the course is prohibited.

  • If anyone on the course is caught violating any of these terms and conditions they will be asked to leave the course immediately and without refund.

Rhino Crash Course (3 Days)

Venue: To Be Confirmed

This course gets you from zero to Rhino in 3 days & it's the foundation class for all specialisations.


The date will be determined once at least 3 students book this course.


This is the ultimate course in learning how to use one of the most powerful 3D CAD software used in practically every design and manufacturing industry – and it's taught by a Rhino guru, an international award-winning inventor, Bryan Oknyansky. 

It's difficult to list all the industries that use Rhino, but a few that have clearly taken up Rhino as industry standard are the architecture and interiors, product, automotive, jewellery, fashion and footwear industries.


It's also one of the best software out for designing prototypes and products to be made using technologies like 3D printing.


No matter what you plan to use Rhino for, Bryan will teach you: 

  • how to feel "at home" when navigating Rhino's interface

  • how to organise your "world" inside Rhino

  • essential commands to create things in Rhino

  • how to access every single method for creating things in Rhino

  • how to edit the things you create

  • the best way to find answers to your questions about commands in Rhino, and

  • how to "ask" Rhino how to create the ideas in your head


This intensive crash-course will use examples from the architecture and product design industries to get you up to speed with practical tools and modelling methods useful to a variety of industrial specialisations. Students will follow along in a series of in-class exercises with Bryan as he brings over 15 years of experience using and teaching Rhino professionally.


Students will need to bring their own laptop computer (Windows or Mac) with the latest version of Rhino installed, a laptop charger, a computer mouse, and a pen or pencil to take notes.

About the instructor:

Bryan Oknyansky is an international award-winning product architect known for inventing pioneering products that have taken him around the world as a lecturer and speaker. With 15 years of experience in the architecture, product and footwear design industries, Bryan specializes in using the latest robotic manufacturing technologies like 3D printing to reinvent the world around us one product at a time. Bryan founded Shoes By Bryan in 2012 – a London-based fashion and technology startup pioneering mass-market 3D printed footwear unique to every single foot in the world while also looking, and feeling, great. Alongside running his growing design practice, Bryan is an innovation consultant to multiple design industries, directs an independent CAD training program and is a Visiting Lecturer at Regent’s University London School of Fashion and Design, the Royal College of Art and London College of Fashion.

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