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Skin + Fabricate

Digital Design & Fabrication Branchpoint workshop

From zero to digitally fabricated in one week

Branch Point is a Moscow-based parametric and digital design research organization that regularly organizes technology, architecture and urban design skills workshops at design schools all across Russia.


I participated in the 8-day workshop held at Moscow's Strelka Institute as a technology mentor along side Kangaroo developer Daniel Piker helping 20 students from across Russia, with no previous experience employing digital fabrication or using Kangaroo for Grasshopper for Rhino , and develop a design concept into a digitally fabricated construct.


The students applied concepts of minimal surfaces to the design of a tiled tensile construct that responds to changes in wind intensity. The result of the project was a 6 meter long organic form hung over the entry to the Strelka event space .

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