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3D Printing and the Insurance Industry

The title cannot get any catchier than that. The insurance industry seems to be founded on knowing everything about everything in order to help people and businesses when things go wrong. So now that 3D printing has survived the specific questioning of its staying-power as a culturally relevant phenomenon that is way more than a fad, how will the insurance industry learn everything about a burgeoning industry and paradigm-shifter that is constantly evolving?

It initiates a dialogue with leading figures from the world of 3D printing (additive manufacturing, more precisely).

And that is how I have come to write this post from a chic hotel room with inspiring views of Lake Zurich. Swiss Reinsurance is a global leader in their industry and are initiating this dialogue by holding an expert forum on 3D printing at their Centre for Global Dialogue.


How will the insurance industry learn everything about a burgeoning industry and paradigm-shifter that is constantly evolving?


Tomorrow, I will make a presentation and lead a Q&A about emerging business models powered by 3D printing.

Here is the synopsis:

"This presentation will explore the unprecedented opportunities 3D printing affords mass-market enterprises and how, as a result, existing business models are either supplemented or re-written. Different types of commercially available 3D printing technologies and materials provide key benefits, and challenges, to supply chains and overall business strategy for startups and multi-national corporations alike. With a growing consumer base aware of 3D printing, businesses are taking new risks to take advantage of early adopter sales opportunities in-store and online without fully understanding the long-term performance of 3D printed products. Not all 3D printers are alike and not all 3D printable materials are suitable for end-consumer use. However, while larger and established businesses are debating whether or not 3D printing is essential to explore, small and new businesses are already using it to pioneer novel consumer-direct business models that enable the sale of customisable products to a mass-market audience."

If you have not already planned to make it to this event, do not worry. I draw content for seminars, workshops and conferences directly from my first-hand experiences re-inventing the world one product at a time. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to talk to me about how 3D printing can be used to realise your visions at

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