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Putting the You in the Future

One of the three arms of my consultancy is helping individuals and businesses learn new skills. Since 2010 I have trained over 200 individuals and businesses in industries ranging from architecture and interior design to fashion design and marketing students on topics including 2D and 3D CAD and fashion technology.

My education enterprise got off to an ad hoc start and has grown into a formal offering of a range of classes at universities and interesting places around London including the London College of Fashion, Regent’s University London and the Royal College of Art.

In the beginning my students came from design and making backgrounds in London exclusively. But now my classes include students from around the world who increasingly come from non-design or engineering backgrounds.

There has never been a better time than now to finally follow your dreams of learning how to turn ideas in your head into products in your hands. Even if you didn’t graduate from a design or engineering programme!

I welcome you to take a look at our Autumn/Winter course offerings and get in touch with us to book a course. We offer discounts for students, repeat customers and combined bookings.

All of our classes are listed at So come and learn CAD with F(you)tureTraining in the next few months and start the new year with new skills that will take your careers and passions to the next level.

Looking forward, Bryan

If you would like to discuss how CAD and CAM can improve your ventures as well as solve critical developmental problems, get in touch by emailing me at

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